Rather than lounging on a sunny beach this summer, one of our partners, Victoria Wilkinson, gave up 2 weeks of her hard-earned annual leave, to volunteer as a "Clydesider" at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Having been lucky enough to go to events at the London Olympics in 2012 and appreciating just how much the "Games Makers" added to the event by welcoming visitors and building a great atmosphere, Victoria was determined to do the same for visitors to her home country.

Aided by her large green-foam hand and megaphone, Victoria welcomed and directed visitors to the National Hockey Centre at Glasgow Green for 12 days of international sporting excellence, boosting morale when the Scottish summer weather threatened to dampen spirits, and ensuring that all those attending the Commonwealth Games had a great time!

Once the Games were over and Glasgow's visitors returned from whence they came, it was back to the office for Victoria to resume her hard work for all her clients in our Family Law Department.