The Immigration Rules set out various requirements for Private Life applications under Appendix Private Life and other provisions of the Rules. These included -

  • Child Seven Year Rule Applications -this is for children born in the UK or overseas who have spent 7 years in the UK

  • Young Adults aged 18 -25 years -this is for young adults who have spent at least half of their life in the UK

  • Adults with twenty years continuous residence -this is for adults who have resided in the UK continuously for twenty years

  • Private life based on significant obstacles to integration -this is for people who can show that there are circumstances which create significant barriers to them living in their own country

  • Ten Years' Long Residence indefinite leave to remain applications -this is applicants who have completed 10 years' continuous lawful residence in the UK

  • Private Life applications outside the Immigration Rules

These Rules are complex and difficult to navigate, and have given rise to a significant body of case law and guidance to interpret and apply. Our specialist teams in Glasgow and Edinburgh have a comprehensive understanding of the Rules and can assist you in making successful applications to stay and settle in the UK based on your private life.

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