We have a specialist Private Client Team able to give you advice suited to your particular circumstances so that we can prepare a Will that accurately reflects your wishes.

From our years of experience, we know the problems that are created when a person dies without a leaving a Will - your money may not go to the people you thought would inherit, there can be increased legal costs, family tension can be created - all at a time when your loved ones are trying to cope with a bereavement.

By making a Will you can ensure that your money and possessions go to the people or organisations you want to benefit and that the administration of your estate will be as efficient as possible.

We recommend a meeting with you to discuss the preparation of your Will.  In our experience, no two individuals' circumstances are identical and the best way to understand our clients' needs is to meet face to face and have a good conversation.

Contact a member of our Team or complete our online enquiry form to find out more.