As part of our private client services we offer a will writing service. Our Solicitors have years of experience in will writing. So you can be safe in the knowledge that those you leave behind will be well informed of your requests.

Things to consider before you write a will

The first decision that you should consider is who you would like to appoint as an Executor. This person(s) will be responsible for carrying out the instructions that you have left in your will.

When deciding who to make your Executor it is important to choose someone that can handle the pressure and the stress as the role can be very demanding. It is important to note that you will also have to decide on a substitute Executor, this is especially important if your primary Executor is a spouse or partner.

If you have any children under the age of 18 you should consider who you would like to be their guardian.

Some people decide to set up a trust as part of their will. You are required to name all of the trustees that will manage the money or property until it passes onto the beneficiaries.

When deciding on what you would like to be done with your possessions you can list specific legacies in your will. If you would like to leave a piece of jewellery to a family member these legacies can be detailed in your will. Similarly if you wish to donate money to charity you can list this in your will too. 

Having a well written Will prepared by one of our Solicitors helps ensure that:

  • You have clearly named who you wish to act as Executor
  • Your assets will be distributed as you wish
  • Your partner or spouse inherits the full amount you choose to bestow.
  • Avoid unnecessary taxes, maximising your estate that is left behind
  • Your dependents are looked after in the way you wish
  • Protect your home from future “care home fees”
  • Your Living Will is honoured (funeral and end of life care)
  • Legacies you wish to leave are accurately laid out

Will Writing Experts

We have a specialist private client team able to give you advice suited to your particular circumstances. We are able to prepare a will that accurately reflects your wishes.

If you do not have a will in place your affairs will take much longer to settle, in some cases costly court proceedings may be required. This can bring additional worry to those closest to you at an already difficult time, even causing tension between family members.

From our years of experience, our solicitors know the problems that can arise when a person dies without having a will in place. As well as potentially expensive legal costs, your money and possessions may not go to the person or organisation you thought would inherit them.

How Drummond Miller can help

A will is a legal document. So if there are any small errors in the wording, these could be left open to interpretation and potentially cause problems after your death.

It is best practice to consult a specialist will writing Solicitor for legal advice. This will ensure you don’t die without a legal will in place. In such scenarios the Intestacy Rules come into effect, unfortunately these rules can be quite harsh on loved ones.

We would welcome a meeting with you to discuss the preparation of your will. In our experience no two individuals are the same and the best way to understand our client’s needs is to meet face to face and have a good conversation. 

Don't put off writing your will

A legally drafted will is the best way to protect your assets and ensure that your wishes will be carried out after you’ve gone.

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