A comprehensive service in all areas of UK Immigration, Nationality, Human Rights and EU Law.

At Drummond Miller, our specialist Immigration Team have been providing clients with quality Immigration advice in Scotland for over 25 years. 

If you have a visa or status problem or are facing removal from the United Kingdom we have a dedicated team of solicitors with unrivalled experience in the field and success at identifying solutions to some of the most difficult immigration, visa and status problems at competitive fixed fees.

Our experienced team is up to date in this complex and fast changing area of the law. Our expertise is widely recognised and reflected in our success with cases and by the number of referrals we receive from past clients and community organisations. 

Whilst no immigration solicitor can provide a 100% guarantee of court or visa success, over the last 25 years, we have maintained very high success rates. 

Immigration Services for Employers

We have extensive experience of assisting all types and sizes of business deal with their Immigration needs, from multi-national companies to sole traders.

  1. Sponsor Licences
  2. Right to Work
  3. Sponsored Employment 


Immigration Services for You

We have assisted individuals make visa applications for themselves and their loved ones and where necessary have represented our clients in court.

  1. Business & Investment Visa
  2. Family Visas
  3. Citizenship Applications
  4. Private Life & Study Visas
  5. EEA Applications
  6. Representation at the Immigration Tribunal


Immigration Services for Law Firms

We have developed relationships with a number of other Law firms and HR professionals across the UK, providing practical and concise advice so that they can best serve their clients.

  1. Agency Representation

Contact our Immigration teams in Edinburgh or Glasgow to discuss your situation and how we can help you.