Temporary migration casework teams have seen a larger than anticipated volume of applications. 

The Home Office have hired extra staff to deal with this increased workload to avoid further delays in decision making.

Family applications have been split up into 4 groups.

  1. Spouse/partner cases
  2. Non PBS work such as domestic workers
  3. Visitors
  4. Human rights application (outwith the rules)

By hiring more staff and using the above group structure it is hoped that decisions will be issued to applicants quicker.  However, as always, patience is a virtue when dealing with the Home Office!

Although the decision making process has speeded up we have found that there has been a decrease in the quality of decisions made.

Remember that if you made your application prior to the expiry of your visa then the conditions of the previous visa continue to apply to you until such time that you receive a decision from the Home Office.

Also, don't forget to speak to a solicitor in Drummond Miller's Immigration Team should you wish to lodge an application or if you have received a refusal from the Home Office.