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What is family mediation?

In times of separation and conflict, mediation can be an extremely helpful method of improving communication, rebuilding trust and reaching workable solutions to disputes between parties with the assistance of a totally impartial third party.

How does mediation work?

Family mediation produces jointly negotiated agreements which are proven to improve trust and understanding. Confidential sessions held at a neutral, safe location. Impartial mediators are able to help facilitate joint decision making without having to go through a drawn-out court process.

Rather than instructing you what to do, a mediator begins each case with no preconceptions and is focused on offering you the best options for resolving a dispute, rather than prescribing a particular solution. Whether you are going through a separation, divorce or have a dispute regarding arrangements for children, mediation services offers the ability to make agreements on issues relating to property, children and finances.

What are the advantages of mediation?

A process which empowers - mediators empower all parties to present their concerns to each other, either face-to-face or through the mediator themselves. In cases which appear to have reached a dead end, power imbalances can be addressed in a manner which is swift and purposeful, while remaining non-confrontational.

Avoids litigation - mediation offers a confidential and private route which allows you to reach solutions and start planning for the future, without resorting the to court process.

Conducive to co-parenting - mediation encourages decisions to be made mutually by both parents, rather than court-ordered solutions which could lead to more conflict that could potentially negatively affect the children. By shielding them from the entire process, mediation offers parents a way to resolve their differences with minimal impact on children, build trust and improve communication.

Less stress - court proceedings and the high emotions which go with them could potentially be much more a mentally draining process than family mediation, which aims to reduce the stress of all involved. For those with busy lives and demanding jobs, the ability to avoid the hassle of the courts can take some of the pressure away from what can be an anxious time.

How can Drummond Miller's mediation services help?

There are various organisations offering mediation in family law cases, and our experienced team are able to advise you on the most appropriate mediator for you and your situation.

Our Family Law team practices from our offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dalkeith, Bathgate and Musselburgh.

One of our Partners, Lynne Stratford, is a Law Society Accredited Mediator and offers impartial and independent mediation services to couples, taking referrals from solicitors across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The first step to resolving your dispute once and for all can be found in a quick phone call. To find out more about family mediation and Drummond Miller, please contact our Family Law team.

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