Drummond Miller have a branch office in Musselburgh offering specialist services in Conveyancing, Lettings, Family Law and Private Client Law.

Our Musselburgh team have a wealth of experience in helping you let or sell your property, deal with a breakdown in marriage or making a will.

Drummond Miller is committed to a high level of service. We listen to our clients and ensure we take the best appropriate action to meet their needs.

Contact our Musselburgh team today on 0131 665 7393, or send the property team an email at propertysales@drummondmiller.co.uk or the legal team at musselburghenquiries@drummondmiller.co.uk.

151 High Street
EH21 7DD
Opening Hours: 9am-5pm
(Monday - Thursday / Friday 4:30pm)
Tel: 0131 665 7393
Fax: 0131 665 4249
Our Musselburgh office is situated in the town centre on High St, a twenty-minute walk from Musselburgh train station or easily accessible by taking a number of buses.
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