Contact and Residence after Separation

When a couple with children under the age of 16 years decide to separate, decisions must be made in relation to where the child (or children) live, who the child... Read More >
Justuce Scotland

Judicial Review Update - What difference have the new rules made in Scotland?

In February of last year, I wrote an article about the changes that were to be made to the rules for bringing a Judicial Review in Scotland. These were scheduled... Read More >

RELOCATION: is the world my oyster?

As people become more mobile, and the world seems to become a smaller place, one of the trends in Family Law in the last few years has been an increase... Read More >
Brex DM

Naturalisation applications and Good Character refusals

Both the threat, and then the reality of Brexit has led to a huge upsurge in applications for naturalisation. This increase in volume has timed with a complete sea change... Read More >
Visa App

New Online Process for Visit Visa Applications made in Nepal

The British Embassy in Kathmandu has recently announced that there will be a new online service for people applying for a UK visit visa from Nepal. If you or a... Read More >

Brexit – what effect on Scottish Family Law?

With the country now starting to come to terms with the results of the EU referendum on 23rd June, it may be a good time to consider the implications of... Read More >

BREXIT – The Consequences for Migrants and the steps to take

The political earthquake that BREXIT represents will have profound repercussions on all aspects of life in the United Kingdom for many years to come. The issue is posed most sharply... Read More >

Litigation: Blood is thicker than water… Or is it?

A Judge in the Outer House of the Court of Session has recently held that the biological siblings of an adopted person can have no title to sue, dismissing a... Read More >
Litigation Time (1)

Litigation: The Rules of Time Bar

I, long ago, lost count of the number of clients who have contacted me over the years to make a claim or take legal action but were too late to... Read More >

Traineeship: Second Year in the Immigration Department

As my days as a trainee come to an end, it is quite amazing to look back at the experience I have gained over the last two years. I have... Read More >