Drummond Miller Family Law Team join Girlguiding to say #GirlsM

On Friday 10th October 2014, 13 new 'solicitors' made their first appearance at Haddington Sheriff Court, when members of the 1st Musselburgh Guide Unit decided to advocate about why #GirlsMatter.... Read More >

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – 26 September 2014

On 26th September 2014, Drummond Miller LLP took part in the 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' to raise money and show support for MacMillan Cancer Support. We held a raffle and... Read More >

Immigration: The Immigration Act 2014 – Changes to obtaining citizenship from British citizen fathers for those born outside of the United Kingdom

Our Immigration Team has already written about several provisions of the Immigration Act 2014 however there has been a positive change for British nationality law, in particular the rights of... Read More >

Litigation: Price of a Loved One – An Update

Members of our litigation team have previously looked at the level of damages being awarded by the Court in fatal cases and in particular the level of damages awarded to... Read More >

Litigation: The costs of care of the elderly

Care of the elderly and, in particular, the cost of this care is one of the most important concerns in our society. Many families struggle to pay high care home... Read More >

Immigration: Retaining Worker Status: A test for Home Office encroachment on EU Rights

In the very recent case of Saint Prix C-507/12, the ECJ took the bold of step of re-emphasising the pre-eminence of EU law as the determinant of questions regarding EU... Read More >

Giving something back…….

Rather than lounging on a sunny beach this summer, one of our partners, Victoria Wilkinson, gave up 2 weeks of her hard-earned annual leave, to volunteer as a "Clydesider" at... Read More >

Family Law: When can a parent’s right to make decisions about their children’s welfare be interfered with by the State?

The recent media coverage and newspaper articles about Ashya King have raised an interesting debate. When can a parent's right to make decisions about their children's welfare be interfered with... Read More >

Family Law: Marriage breakdown and EEA retained rights

European Law is more generous in its approach to the consequences of the breakdown of a marriage/civil partnership for a person's immigration status than British Immigration Law. The British Immigration... Read More >

Immigration: Civil Penalties for Illegal Employment: how to make sure your business is Civil Penalty Compliant and how to successfully challenge a Civil Penalty

by Jacqueline Moore and Alan Rodgers Given that the maximum Civil Penalty that can be imposed on a business has been increased to £20,000 per worker, coupled with the new... Read More >