Jeans for Genes 20.9.13

Drummond Miller is taking part in Jeans for Genes Day today. The aim of the Jeans for Genes Day / Genetic Disorders UK Grant Programme is to offer grants to... Read More >

Immigration: Tier 4 - changes both for better and worse

To coincide with the start of the new academic year, the Home Secretary laid before Parliament more changes to the Immigration Rules affecting, among others, Tier 4 migrants. Mark Harper... Read More >

Immigration: When is an application a valid application?

It may seem a silly question to ask. An application is made when you fill out the visa application form and forward it to the visa application centre or British... Read More >

Immigration: Mistakes written in judgement - appellants must have a fair hearing

The recent and important decision of ML (Nigeria) v SSHD [2013] EWCA Civ 844 ( provides important guidance on situations where Judges get some of the facts badly wrong... Read More >

Family Law: DNA Testing - not just for Jeremy Kyle

Many people will be familiar with the concept of DNA paternity testing. If nothing else, if you have ever flicked over the T.V. and seen an episode of Jeremy Kyle... Read More >

Family blog CD 21.8.13

An overview of the grounds of divorce Nigella Lawson and Liam Gallagher… are two high profile names who are currently in the news in relation to divorce. For Lawson, on... Read More >

Litigation: Personal Injury - Accident at Work

We recently were successful in obtaining substantial compensation for a train-driver who suffered a serious foot and ankle injury in the course of his employment. When he encountered a red... Read More >

Immigration: 'Home Office Decision-making'

Immigration: Home Office Decision Making Read More >

Immigration: New Fees for EEA Applications

Immigration: New Fees for EEA Applications Read More >

Immigration: Croatia Joins the United Kingdom

Immigration: Croatia joins the European Union Read More >