Prior to July 2012, visa applications by family members were in most cases, quite straightforward, particularly in respect of the financial tests that had to be met. Essentially, as long as a family could demonstrate that they had the same or more disposable income than a comparator family in receipt of Income Support, then the financial tests were met.

However, in July 2012, the Government, re-wrote the rule book when they introduced Appendix FM into the Immigration Rules. The requirements of Appendix FM have had a significant impact on the number of visa refusals for family members which have risen sharply since the change to the law.

Appendix FM contains a very complex set of rules and regulations, and non-compliance with any aspect of these rules will result in a visa refusal.  

Danger of DIY Applications

We would strongly recommend that anyone applying for a family visa seeks expert legal assistance from the outset. By obtaining specialist legal representation at an early stage, you are protecting your position and maximising the chances of a successful application.   

Experienced Team

We pride ourselves in the depth and breadth of our experience in family migration across both our teams; in total we have 8 fee-earners with daily experience in making applications for family members.      

As we deal with a high volume of Appendix FM applications, we have a very large bank of experience and knowledge to deploy to maximise success. We understand that you are instructing us in a very personal manner, and therefore we always strive to offer a friendly and approachable service. 

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