For many of our clients, attending a Citizenship Ceremony and becoming a British Citizen signifies the final part of their immigration journey. It is a hugely rewarding aspect of the team’s work to be part of that journey.

For adults and children who wish to become British citizens, further detail on the process and how we can help is contained here:

Automatic Citizenship

British nationality law can be complex, particularly where previous legislation requires to be considered in ancestry cases. It is of course important to check that the person isn’t already a British citizen or if they have a right to automatically register as a British citizen.

There are various categories of individuals who have an automatic right to register as British citizens.

We have assisted clients make successful registration applications where they now have a right to register following a change in the law, eg clients who were born overseas to mothers who were unable to pass on their nationality the same way as fathers. Other historic wrong cases include those who now qualify to register but were previously unable to due to being born illegitimately.

In all registration cases, applicants over 10 will require to meet the Good Character requirements and swear and oath of allegiance. 

We have specialism within our Immigration team on all aspects of Nationality law, and we can assist you on all nationality law queries no matter how complex.

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