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We offer a confidential, compassionate service to anybody suffering from harassment or domestic abuse. Our team of Family Law solicitors have the experience, knowledge and sensitivity to guide you through this difficult process.

What is harassment?

Harassment may have occurred if you have been targeted by abusive or threatening behaviour from either an individual or an organisation. Harassment can be very frightening and can also involve abusive phone calls or somebody calling into your home without your express permission.

What laws protect victims of harassment?

If you are the victim of harassment or domestic abuse, you should take action to protect yourself. We are well placed to advise you on the available legal options include an interdict, or a non-harassment order.

If you are a victim of harassment, from a former partner, someone you know, a stranger, or in the workplace, you can apply to the court for civil orders, such as a non-harassment order or an interdict. At least two incidents of harassment will need to have occurred. A power of arrest can also be linked to any domestic abuse interdict or non-harassment order, which will mean that if the individual concerned harasses you again, they will be arrested immediately.

Victims of domestic abuse and harassment at home from a partner or ex-partner should speak to a solicitor to find out just what other available options there are. If you would like to remove your abusive partner or ex-partner from the family home you may be able to apply for an Exclusion Order to prevent them returning to the family home.

We can provide impartial and compassionate advice to help you deal with harassment or domestic abuse issues.

How do I apply for an interdict or non-harassment order?

The first step is a writ is lodged in the Sheriff Court. The writ will detail all the circumstances of your case and explain to the Sheriff the reasons why the behaviour to which you refer causes you distress. The Sheriff will then make a decision on whether it is reasonable to grant the interdict or non-harassment order you request. We can then advise you on further steps, including whether or not it is appropriate to seek a power of arrest.

Our Family Law team operate out of our offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bathgate, Dalkeith and Musselburgh. If you are suffering harassment, please contact one of our friendly Family Law team to discuss the options open to you in complete confidence.

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