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Family Law: Parental Responsibilities and Rights in Scotland – What are they, and who is entitled to them?

What are Parental Responsibilities and Rights? Parental responsibilities and rights, or PRRs, are given to the parents of a child in order that they can be involved in the life... Read More >

Family Law: DNA Testing - not just for Jeremy Kyle

Many people will be familiar with the concept of DNA paternity testing. If nothing else, if you have ever flicked over the T.V. and seen an episode of Jeremy Kyle... Read More >

Family blog CD 21.8.13

An overview of the grounds of divorce Nigella Lawson and Liam Gallagher… are two high profile names who are currently in the news in relation to divorce. For Lawson, on... Read More >

Family Law: What's in a name

Some topical thoughts on the law on naming children. Read More >