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Litigation: Supreme Court Ruling on Recoverable Expenses

Expenses of court proceedings are an age old problem for clients.  In the normal course of events, the successful party will be able to recover their reasonable expenses from the... Read More >

Litigation: Judicial Review – Time will be soon be of the Essence

As a solicitor with a large Judicial Review practice, I have been watching the progress of the proposed court reforms in this area particularly intently.  Speculation was rife about what... Read More >

Litigation: Danny Wilson v City of Edinburgh Council

Currently, one of our more unusual cases is that of Danny Wilson who has raised an action for damages for defamation against the City of Edinburgh Council. There was a... Read More >

Litigation: The Wheels on the Bus …

The Court of Session has recently decided a case confirming that the wheels on a bus should most definitely not be going round and round until all passengers are safely... Read More >

Litigation: Civil Court Reforms

There has been much in the press of late - and it is well known amongst the profession - that a programme of reforms to the practice and procedures of... Read More >

Trainee Recruitment 2016 – Applications Now Welcome

Applications are now invited for traineeships with Drummond Miller LLP, commencing in July 2016. (Our application process for 2015 traineeships is already closed). Whilst academic achievement is important, it is... Read More >

Litigation: The Court’s Power to Declare a Signed Document Void

There are many documents that once executed (signed) can only be declared void (legally known as "declarator and reduction") by an order from the Court of Session in Edinburgh -... Read More >

Litigation: Compensation is for life and not just for Christmas (or is it?)

What is the court trying to do when compensating an injured person and is it actually able to achieve this goal? The starting point is the well-established principle that the... Read More >

Litigation: claims arising from sporting injuries

The area of sports injury claims is an unusual area within the complex world of personal injury litigation. As is the norm in all types of litigation, each incident must... Read More >

Litigation: Baby bump 12.12.14

Recent discussion took place within the Litigation Department about a question to which we all thought we knew the answer: Can a baby born AFTER the death of a relative... Read More >