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After the success of our recent Right to Work seminar in Glasow will be holding another free seminar in Edinburgh, date and time to be announced. We'll be covering:

How will changes arising from Brexit affect your business?

We'll be covering how to deal with the uncertainty that faces UK business in the run up to Brexit and how you can protect your EEA (European Economic Area) workforce to ensure their right to work continues after Article 50 is triggered:

  • What does the future hold for EEA nationals who entered the UK less than 5 years before Brexit?
  • How are family members of EEA nationals affected?
  • Should Employers apply for a Sponsor licence?

Penalties for illegal working

Penalties are tougher than ever before for illegal working offences with fines for workers of £5,000 or 6 months imprisonment and 5 year maximum prison sentences for employers. It's more important than ever to ensure that your business complies with legistlation. We'll cover:

  • What constitutes “Working”?
  • What if you had “reasonable cause to believe” an individual is a legal worker?
  • Home Office new power to seize wages from proceeds of illegal working
  • Illegal Working Closure Notices - could your business be at risk of closure while illegal working is investigated?

Charges for sponsorship of a migrant worker

Introduction of the new Immigration Skills Charges (ISC) for Tier 2 Employees means that employers who sponsor a migrant worker for a Tier 2 visa will be required to pay an 'immigration skills charge' of £1,000 per migrant, per year (reduced fee of £364 for small and charitable sponsors). Find out more about:

  • Implementation dates
  • Exemptions to ISC
  • Objective to incentivise training of settled workforce

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