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Dm Europe

Time to get a British Passport before Brexit?

The Home Office have reported a huge surge in the number of applicants applying for British citizenship following Brexit decision. In this blog post, Kelsey Wilson considers the pros and... Read More >
Fundingof Civil

Historic abuse claims: a change in the law

It has long been the case in Scotland that victims of historic abuse who have attempted to claim compensation from their abusers (or from those vicariously responsible for the acts... Read More >
Brave New Wolrd

Success in the Supreme Court

We are pleased to announce that we have recently had success in the Supreme Court in the case of Sadvoska and another v Secretary of State for the Home Department.... Read More >

Mediation: an alternative way to resolve family disputes

Times of family breakdown can be incredibly stressful for all parties concerned. It can often be that lines of communication break down between individuals, who then find it difficult to... Read More >
Letter Writting

Dear Sam… A Letter to a Young Person

In Family Law cases, the Court’s priority must be the welfare of any child involved, as a matter of law. In addition, where a child is 12 years old, or... Read More >

A visit from the Home Office – how can you prepare for a compliance check?

When can the Home Office visit you? The short answer is that the Home Office can visit at any time! Their visits can be announced or unannounced! A visit could... Read More >
Dm Immigration UK

Changes to the Immigration rules – implications of MM (Lebanon) and others

In July 2012 the government introduced changes to the Immigration Rules as they applied to partners and introduced a minimum income requirement. The Rules also set out what sources of... Read More >
Child Protection

Children’s Hearings System a brief overview

As a basic premise children and young people are the most valuable, and the most vulnerable, group in our society. They deserve the most robust measures of protection. Vulnerable children... Read More >
Immigration Cost

UKVI announces outsourcing of customer enquiries contact

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) has announced on 30 May, 2017, that it will be outsourcing all of its customer enquiries to SITEL UK a subsidiary of the French-owned ACTICALL... Read More >
Brexit Cut Out

Information for European nationals following the triggering of Article 50

Following Article 50 being triggered, on 7 April 2017 the Home Office issued guidance on the status of European Union nationals living in the UK. In this guidance, the Home... Read More >