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Child Protection

Children’s Hearings System a brief overview

As a basic premise children and young people are the most valuable, and the most vulnerable, group in our society. They deserve the most robust measures of protection. Vulnerable children... Read More >
Immigration Cost

UKVI announces outsourcing of customer enquiries contact

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) has announced on 30 May, 2017, that it will be outsourcing all of its customer enquiries to SITEL UK a subsidiary of the French-owned ACTICALL... Read More >
Brexit Cut Out

Information for European nationals following the triggering of Article 50

Following Article 50 being triggered, on 7 April 2017 the Home Office issued guidance on the status of European Union nationals living in the UK. In this guidance, the Home... Read More >
Airport Empty

90 to 30 days on the re-entry ban

For the last 10 years there has been what is known as a re-entry ban whereby if a migrant overstays their leave and did not leave the UK within 90... Read More >
Dm Europe

Appeal rights for extended family members – Part II

This blog is a follow-on of the blog posted on the 27th September 2016 entitled ‘Loss of Appeal rights for extended family members – the case of Sala (EFMs: Right... Read More >
Dm -right -to -work

Infographic: Right to Work Penalties

As immigration has become an increasingly central and influential topic in the UK, the penalties for businesses employing illegal workers have also increased. Don't get caught out - get in... Read More >

How divorce will affect your will

It is often the case that couples, during marriage, make a will leaving their assets to their spouse upon death. It is also common that upon seeking divorce those couples... Read More >
Dna Test

New Mums Contact and DNA testing

Recently newspapers and magazines have been eagerly waiting to find out whether reality TV star Jeremy McConnell would admit that he is the father of Stephanie Davis’ baby Caben-Albi; and... Read More >
Child Care

When does the legal obligation of aliment to a child cease

Many children are financially dependent upon their parents even well into adulthood. However, a large number of parents are not aware of when their legal obligations to aliment their child... Read More >
Child Immigration

Children with more than 7 years residency in the UK

The above question is the most important question to be considered in any immigration case involving children with this lengthy period of residency. In this blog post, Blair Melville, considers... Read More >