All of our Lettings Team are Qualified Letting Agents/ CIH Letwell. 

Scottish Letting Agents Registration No: LARN1901038

The process of renting a new home for tenants is as follows:

Viewing a Property

If you would like to view one of our available properties, you can either telephone the office on 0131 226 5151 or 0131 243 1217 or 0131 243 1228 or email your enquiry to All viewings are accompanied and are conducted between 9.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays. If you would like to set up a viewing outside of these hours, we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Please bear in mind that, in most instances, we will need at least 24 hours notice in order to arrange a viewing.


Application Procedure

In order to be fair to all prospective tenants, our properties are let on a first-come first-served basis, provided the prospective tenant is deemed suitable. If, having attended the viewing, you would like to lease the property, we will require the following from you in order to ensure the property is held prior to being taken off the market once you go through our referencing process:

In the event that two or more tenants view the property at the same time and wish to be considered for leasing the property, then we will reference check each tenant and provided they all pass the reference checks, it will be the landlord that makes the final decision as to which tenant they wish to lease the property to.

Each tenant must fully complete and sign a reference application form

You can request an application form either at the viewing of the property or at our office or request a form be emailed to you.

The reference form(s) may be taken away for completion, however, they must be returned duly completed and signed within three working days of receipt otherwise the property will be placed back onto the open rental market.

On receipt of the reference forms, your details will be submitted to a specialist referencing agency for checking and, in most cases, you will be notified of the outcome within 48 hours.

If you are successful, you will have five working days from notification of the outcome of the reference to visit the office and sign the lease agreement and pay the first month’s rent. N.B. Each tenant must also provide proof of ID one photographic and one of residency. If the above criteria are not met, we reserves the right to resume advertising.

In the event that your application fails, we will notify you.

If a guarantor is required, they will need to complete a separate reference form and must also sign the lease, which legally binds them to the terms of the lease, prior to the lease being signed by the tenants. Please note that they must also be a UK resident. They are also required to provide proof of ID and residency.

All tenants must come to the office to sign the lease agreement.


Moving In

On or before the day of entry, you are required to make payment of the deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent + £100. You must also set up a standing order for payment of the monthly rental with your bank. You will be required to sign up with the gas and electricity suppliers and open an account relative to council tax payments.

All of our properties are thoroughly inspected and we will check to see if everything is in order prior to tenants moving in. However, if you feel we have missed something, please let us know so that we can have it fixed.

We will inform the council tax department of the change of occupant(s). All students must register with the council tax department in order to receive an exemption notice. Contact the local council for more information. Please note that the monthly rent does not include council tax, gas, electricity, TV licence, telephone, broadband or communal charges such as stair cleaning or gardening.

In order to provide a fair and impartial service to tenants, the inventory is prepared by an independent professional inventory clerk. Tenants must meet the inventory clerk at the property on the first day of the tenancy, or appoint a competent person to represent them, for the purpose of checking through the inventory and signing it as being an accurate record of the state and condition of the property and its contents.  They will also provide each tenant with one set of keys.

We strongly advise all our tenants to take out contents insurance to safeguard their personal possessions against damages or a break-in. All our landlords have relevant buildings and contents insurance. However, neither of these provide cover for any of the tenants’ items.


During the Tenancy

Drummond Miller Letting department is your first point of contact for all issues relating to the property. If you have a maintenance issue please contact us as follows:

Telephone the office on 0131 226 5151 or 0131 243 1217 or 0131 243 1228 or email your enquiry to

Please also note we do not provide any emergency contact service outwith office hours (with the exception of our HMO properties and the contact details are provided in your tenant information pack).


Moving Out

When you decide you would like to move out of the property, you will need to notify us in writing, giving no less than two months notice or four weeks notice dependent on what is written in your tenancy agreement. Each tenant must notify us. We will then acknowledge your notice by send you a letter outlining the property vacating procedure which will give details of the final inspection, closing utility company accounts, final rent payment, return of the deposit, forwarding of mail and cancellation of the standing order. We will also take landlords’ instructions as regards re-letting and notify you of any viewings arranged, having given you the appropriate 24/48 prior notice of viewings.