By letting us manage your property, you can rest assured you'll be in trusted hands

Looking for Property Management in Edinburgh? You might be a long-time landlord looking to go a bit more hands-off, or this might be your first property. By letting us manage your property, you can rest assured you'll be in trusted hands.

All of our Letting Team are fully Qualified Letting Agents/CIH Letwell. We are accredited by Landlord Accreditation Scotland (LAS), a voluntary scheme that lets tenants know their tenancy agreements are solid and their properties will be well managed. We also hold accreditation from the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL), thanks to the fact that we abide by the strictest codes of industry practice. Scottish Agents Registration Number LARN1901038.

It's important to know you can rely on regular rent payments to keep your income steady. We pride ourselves on keeping up a 100% occupancy rate in all our properties. We do this by finding new tenants quickly and efficiently when any of your tenants move out, to make sure there are no gaps in rents. With in-depth local knowledge we're well equipped for finding residents for any property, and we never leave a property empty.

You'll have in mind how much of a return you'd like to make to be satisfied. We can consult and help you set a successful rental price for your property. Since we manage over 150 properties, we've got plenty of strong experience making sure you get the return on your property you need. We pride ourselves on achieving 100% of the asking price for every property we let. This is done in a way that's open and accessible for tenants and landlords, with fees, terms and conditions made clear and up front. 

Bespoke Property Management Services 

By letting your property with us, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. We offer a special "tenant finding only" service which allows you to manage the property and collect the rent yourself if you so choose. Alternatively, we can arrange to show tenants around your property, check and reference them for you, and conduct regular inspections to make sure they're taking good care of the property.

Sometimes, things don't go entirely to plan for your tenants - things can get broken, or worn out. Sometimes your place just needs a fresh lick of paint or some new wallpaper. We have good links with contractors and tradesmen, meaning we can arrange quick, high quality repairs if anything should go wrong, meaning you won't have to step in - though we can let you know if there are any repairs or improvements which need to be done.

We're as interested as you are in making sure your property can generate the best return possible and attract the best tenants. That means we're able to arrange even major property upgrades, like new bathrooms and kitchens, using our local knowledge and connections.


Finding You The Best Tenants

 Finding the best tenants for your property can be tough, but we've done it enough to know what we're doing. We'll be able to advertise and promote your property to the people best suited to it, as well as carrying out extensive checks and references to make sure you've got the peace of mind you need.

If you let out your property through us, you'll get an income statement from us each month, detailing your income from rent, as well as any expenditure you've authorised us to make. We also lodge all deposits and keep them safe with a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.


We Are Looking For Landlords

 You might have thought about letting out a property before, but not been sure if the time or the market is right for you. Rest assured we're always on the lookout for new landlords to work with us. At the moment there are more tenants out there looking for places to live than there is accommodation for them, so we can guarantee there will be sufficient demand.

Don't be put off if you've tried to sell and haven't managed to find a buyer. We've taken on plenty of properties for let rather than sale, and found that even those which sat on the market for months were snapped up by tenants within two weeks of advertising to let. By going through us, you can start to make a return on your property quickly, rather than having to hold out for the right buyer.


Let Your Property With Us

If you'd like to discuss letting your property through us, we're available to meet any time that suits you. Whether you're a single homeowner or have a large portfolio, you'll get high quality, one-on-one service. Your experience of letting your property is our highest priority, and we're happy to discuss any queries you may have. If all this sounds like it's for you, be sure to enquire today.

Become a landlord

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