Can you help me with my visa if I am living overseas?

Yes – we can consult with you via Skype or telephone consultation. We frequently assist clients who are living overseas, and who are planning a return to the UK with their non EEA/British family members. Further, as immigration law is the same throughout the UK, we regularly assist clients living in all parts of the United Kingdom.

Who will deal with my case?

It is immigration team policy that your first consultation will take place with an experienced immigration practitioner at either partner or associate level. The initial consultation is in many ways a diagnostic consultation, and meeting with somebody very experienced from the outset means that we can ensure that every angle of your case is looked at. The person that you initially meet with will lead your case with other team members assisting where appropriate.

Can you guarantee my case will be successful?

Unfortunately, we cannot, and no immigration solicitor – unless they are a magician – can guarantee that a visa will be granted, as the decision lies with the Home Office decision-maker. However, we can ensure that with careful preparation and attention to detail, we maximise the chances of success in your case.

If my application is refused, can you represent me in Court?

Please note that not every immigration refusal decision will carry a right of appeal to the immigration Court, but where it does we can assist you. Our litigation team has been representing clients at the immigration Tribunal in Glasgow for over twenty-five years and we take great pride in our high success rates.

Do I need a lawyer for my application?

In the current hostile climate, which is the backdrop to a system which is deliberately complex and ever- changing, our advice is make your own application at your peril. We would strongly recommend that for all but the very simplest of immigration applications, that legal representation is sought from the outset. If you don’t choose to instruct Drummond Miller, please ensure that you select a reputable firm.

Instructing a solicitor at the initial application stage will maximise your chance of a successful application and save you a great deal of time, expense and stress in the long run.

Do you offer fixed fees?

The firm prides itself in providing clients with fixed fees for all personal immigration applications and immigration appeals. This gives our clients peace of mind about what the fees are going to be. We will be clear on our fees from the outset and there will be no hidden costs.

For business immigration clients, we offer fixed fees also in the vast majority of cases. Where we can’t offer fixed fees we will be able to provide an estimate of costs.

Do you offer a free initial consultation?

We don’t offer a free initial consultation, but we do offer a very competitively priced initial consultation with an experienced immigration practitioner at associate or partner level. The fee for the initial consultation also includes a detailed follow up letter of advice. 

What's next?

We have been helping clients solve their personal immigration problems for over 25 years. To find out if we can assist you and then to arrange an initial fixed fee consultation, contact our experienced team in either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

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