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Following the end of free movement on 1 January 2021, EU and Swiss nationals coming to the UK to work from 1 January 2021 are now subject to the UK’s Immigration Rules and therefore must obtain the appropriate right to work before they arrive in the UK.

The new Immigration Rules, which came into force on 1 December 2020, established the Skilled Worker route for all EU and non-EU workers coming to the UK to work for licensed sponsors. Details of the new Skilled Worker route can be found here.

Employers, who previously relied on skills from the EU, may now find themselves in need of a Skilled Worker sponsor licence to continue to operate in an increasingly tough economic climate. Employers hiring EU (or non-EU) nationals outside the UK from 1 January 2021 onwards are able to sponsor individuals under the Skilled Worker route provided the role in question meets the requirements of the route.

The world of sponsoring workers can be daunting to employers and an important feature of a sponsor licence is the sponsor’s compliance with their duties and responsibilities to the Home Office as sponsor licence holder.

If you are considering applying for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence for your business, our immigration team are able to assist with simplifying and streamlining the process to ensure your business transitions to a post-Brexit workforce with minimal disruption.

Please contact us for a consultation on how our immigration team can assist your business immigration needs.