Letter Writting

Dear Sam… A Letter to a Young Person

In Family Law cases, the Court’s priority must be the welfare of any child involved, as a matter of law. In addition, where a child is 12 years old, or... Read More >

A visit from the Home Office – how can you prepare for a compliance check?

When can the Home Office visit you? The short answer is that the Home Office can visit at any time! Their visits can be announced or unannounced! A visit could... Read More >
Dm Immigration UK

Changes to the Immigration rules – implications of MM (Lebanon) and others

In July 2012 the government introduced changes to the Immigration Rules as they applied to partners and introduced a minimum income requirement. The Rules also set out what sources of... Read More >
Child Protection

Children’s Hearings System a brief overview

As a basic premise children and young people are the most valuable, and the most vulnerable, group in our society. They deserve the most robust measures of protection. Vulnerable children... Read More >