Dna Test

New Mums Contact and DNA testing

Recently newspapers and magazines have been eagerly waiting to find out whether reality TV star Jeremy McConnell would admit that he is the father of Stephanie Davis’ baby Caben-Albi; and... Read More >
Child Care

When does the legal obligation of aliment to a child cease

Many children are financially dependent upon their parents even well into adulthood. However, a large number of parents are not aware of when their legal obligations to aliment their child... Read More >
Child Immigration

Children with more than 7 years residency in the UK

The above question is the most important question to be considered in any immigration case involving children with this lengthy period of residency. In this blog post, Blair Melville, considers... Read More >
Dm Immigration UK

Can EEA Nationals obtain residence in the UK under the British Immigration Rules

There has previously been some uncertainty surrounding the possibility of an EEA national being able to apply validly under the Immigration Rules where they do not satisfy the EEA Regulations... Read More >