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If you're keen to sell your home fast, our team should be your first choice - and we can prove why! At Drummond Miller, we're really proud of our track record of success in achieving quick property sales for our clients. We're able to demonstrate that using robust figures from an independent source, which show we're nearly one-third faster than other solicitor practices in the Edinburgh area.

We're very proud that our average time to sell a client home is significantly lower than the average time taken in the local area. This means we're outperforming other solicitors in Edinburgh and helping clients like you sell your home speedily. This helps to take some of the stress and anxiety out of a process that can drag on if not managed properly by an experienced team.

Why are we so fast?

Part of the reason we can offer you a speedy house sale is that we have both a complete estate agency and conveyancing service under one roof. That means we can complete the entire process more quickly for you. Our teams are good at communicating internally, meaning there are fewer delays. Because we offer a full legal service, your sale doesn't drag on as the case is passed between different parties to it.

The fastest team

The positive feedback that we get from our clients indicates that they are happy with the efficiency of our service, but the figures monitoring our average sale closure time help us prove what we already know to be true. We're one of the fastest teams in the Edinburgh area when it comes to turning around property sales. In fact, we're even faster at it than we were last year. In 2015 we were 22% quicker at turning around a sale compared to other solicitors in the area. In 2016, our average time to sell a property was just 14 days, outperforming the 21 day average of our competitors by over 30%.

We think these figures are valuable because they track our performance relative to other firms of solicitors in the area and not to the general state of the housing market. This means that it shows how we compare - in this instance, very quickly - regardless of how slow the general property market is moving. We all know that the property market can be sluggish at times, but these figures show how quickly we turn around the legal paperwork, irrespective of general market conditions.

We keep a close eye on our performance data so we can provide a better service to our clients.

We hope that our achievements in the areas we operate in demonstrate the value we can bring to you as a client. It shows that, if you want to sell your home fast, our team should be your first choice.

Get the best price for your home

Our experienced team can help you get the best price for your home. Call us on 0131 226 5151 or let us call you back.