The legal status of kinship carers and obtaining 'Section 11' orders

In Scotland, thousands of children are cared for by family members, or ‘kinship carers’. Children come to live with family members other than their parents for a variety of reasons.... Read More >
Sheriff Court Rules

How simple are the new simple Sheriff Court rules?

Over the last couple of years, various changes have been made to the rules of the Scottish Court system, not only for the Court of Session but for the Sheriff... Read More >
Uk Gov Reflect

Yet more changes to the Immigration Rules

On the 3rd of November 2016 the Government laid before Parliament seventy pages of changes to the Immigration Rules with most of the changes applying to all applications made on... Read More >
Immigration Vanish

Vanishing 3C leave - section 62 of the 2016 act

In a battery of further measures designed to make life more difficult for immigrants in the United Kingdom the Government have announced their intention to bring into force Section 62... Read More >
Brexit (1)

Home Office Introduces New Online Forms for European applications for residence and permanent residence documentation

Following the recent BREXIT referendum, the number of European applications for residence and permanent residence documentation has increased immensely. While we do not yet know how the UK’s intention to... Read More >
Uk Government

Government backs down on Appeal Fees

In October 2016, the UK government introduced a 500% increase in appeal fees despite opposition from law firms, judges and various professional bodies. However, after just under 2 months of... Read More >

In sickness and in health

The recent case of SD v Graham’s Dairies Ltd [2016] CSOH 151 considered the question of who constitutes a ‘relative’ for the purposes of an award for services rendered to... Read More >

Increased protection for the return of trafficked women to Nigeria

Some of the most vulnerable migrants are those who have been trafficked. How can a trafficked person establish that they face a risk of persecution on return to their country... Read More >

Litigation: The Right to Privacy

Earlier this year there was much publicity surrounding a case in England involving a high profile celebrity. It was called the “PJS” case, although these initials gave no clue as... Read More >

Drummond Miller internal promotions and further strengthening of clinical negligence team

Drummond Miller LLP is delighted to announce a number of internal promotions and the addition of another qualified solicitor to the clinical negligence team. Darren Deery has been promoted to... Read More >