Immigration: Retaining Worker Status: A test for Home Office encroachment on EU Rights

In the very recent case of Saint Prix C-507/12, the ECJ took the bold of step of re-emphasising the pre-eminence of EU law as the determinant of questions regarding EU... Read More >

Giving something back…….

Rather than lounging on a sunny beach this summer, one of our partners, Victoria Wilkinson, gave up 2 weeks of her hard-earned annual leave, to volunteer as a "Clydesider" at... Read More >

Family Law: When can a parent’s right to make decisions about their children’s welfare be interfered with by the State?

The recent media coverage and newspaper articles about Ashya King have raised an interesting debate. When can a parent's right to make decisions about their children's welfare be interfered with... Read More >

Family Law: Marriage breakdown and EEA retained rights

European Law is more generous in its approach to the consequences of the breakdown of a marriage/civil partnership for a person's immigration status than British Immigration Law. The British Immigration... Read More >