Drummond Miller recently acted for a male client who suffered serious injuries following a road traffic accident in December 2009.  As a result of his injuries, our client was unable to return to work as a delivery driver.  When the claim was first intimated to the negligent driver's insurers, they offered only £7,500 in settlement to our client which was rejected.  Following the production of supportive medical and expert employment reports, that offer was raised to £75,000   We advised our client that this increased offer was still too low given the extent of his injuries and his inability to return to work.  We advised that court proceedings should be raised to obtain greater compensation.  Following the raising of proceedings in the Court of Session, and only a few weeks before the proof (final court hearing), the insurers finally offered a reasonable sum of compensation.  The client was delighted to accept an offer of £220,000 - nearly 30 times greater than the initial offer made.

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