In "the good old days" sellers used to have open viewings: 7-9pm on a Thursday and 2-4pm on a Sunday. Since 2008, with the drop in the property market and the advent of Home Reports, most sellers now choose "viewing by appointment" on the advice of their Agents. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, if no one arrives time after time, sellers can become very demoralised. Secondly, if the seller has "viewing by appointment" through their Agent, the Agent handles all enquiries and is in a position to ask any potential viewers what their buying status is - "just sold", "first time buyer", "buy to let", "still got house to sell" etc. This allows the Agent to "qualify" the viewer and advise the seller accordingly. The big advantage of "viewing by appointment" is that, the day after the viewing, the Agent can call the viewer to get the seller "feedback": is the viewer interested in the property? can the Agent provide any further information on the property that will assist the viewer in making up their mind? can the Agent overcome any viewer objections?

The current trend is for viewers not to provide selling agents with feedback but feedback helps everyone, whether it's positive or negative.

The next time an Agent phones you to ask "how did you get on at such and such a property?" - tell him or her. If it's positive and you are interested, the Agent can tell you what to do next. If it's negative, the information you give may help the Agent advise their client to change something that will make the clients property more appealing or maybe the Agent can offer an alternative property which may be of more interest.

Drummond Miller's Property Team will always strive to get our sellers feedback, it's an important part of what we do.